Adria’s A3

Step 1:

1. Agriculture: Focus on New York City

2. The World

Step 2:

1. Green Infrastructure, Urban Farming Projects, roof top farming

2. Materials, Governance, People, Buildings, Ecosystems

Step 3:


agriculture time line agriculture time line2


Second version:

agriculture time line_ver_2 agriculture time line_ver_22

– It also increased jobs/areas of study/research

Step four: A page in a history book


Final Presentation:



what did you discover / learn

I learned that we put a large amount of pressure on other countries to solve our issues, such as relying on other countries to triple their yield of a particular crop. It is irresponsible and it is important to find other solutions.

what were you challenged by

I was challenged by understanding the pathway mural and what was essential in their plan.

what did you question

I questioned if it was possible to feed everyone that needs to be fed.

what did you do really well on this project

I think I did well integrating the pathway murals and my own goals.

what would you do differently

I would research more into urban farming and think of solutions to feed the homeless.


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