Ahmed – A3

Step 1:

I decided to focus on agriculture as a (vague) continuation of my project on nitrate contamination in the San Joaquin Valley. I was really interested in seeing how the other side of the situation (fertilizing and farmers) might play out in the long-term. The World Business Council’s goal for 2050 is having the developing world be 96% fed. This issue affects everyone, as everyone eats. However, potential risks would weigh most heavily on the elderly and children, since nutrition is more vital at those stages in life.


Step 2 & 3 Research:










Step 2 & 3 Outline:





Final Presentation:

ahmedsam-a3-prez-01 ahmedsam-a3-prez-02 ahmedsam-a3-prez-03ahmedsam-a3-prez-04  ahmedsam-a3-prez-05


Final Artifact:




I was actually really surprised by how much of agriculture development relied on water efficiency. Of course, looking back, it seems obvious: plants need water. I had expected that we needed a lot more funds to invest in new lands (Africa) and technologies, but the influence of water hadn’t even occurred to me. It makes me wonder just how much water could influence. For example, what if one day we are forced to choose between allocating water for consumption purposes (drinking and farming) or hygiene (showers, toilets). I felt challenged by trying to find an artifact that would be able to convey information from multiple aspects of the problem. I’m quite pleased by how my water bill artifact turned out. I think that it conveys a lot of subtle details about the future situations. However, I wish I could have conveyed some of the information in the bottom section in a more visual manner. Given more time, I would have made three or four artifacts from different points of view to give a fuller picture.


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