assignment 3


step 1
I’m interested in the human development / basic needs are all met pathway
People affected by this – everybody, but maybe looking at specifically classes and how they merge & change. How poverty can be decreased and standard of life can improve for low income class, as well as what changes the upper and middle class will have to go through to accommodate.

step 2
early signs: changing business models, emphasis on improving education/shift to knowledge economy, social reform / movements like Occupy Wall Street, programs for the elderly, developing new markets, improving infrastructure

One interesting thing is that technology has allowed people to create careers in entirely new ways – qualifications like diplomas are no longer necessary to ensure success. Tech is also a popular market that is going to continue to grow and expand into other areas, like biotech – related to the new markets pathway.
People are starting to realize the old model for education isn’t working for the new century – the wider education pathway is relevant to this. Progress in health pathway is related to improving basic needs and quality of life.

step 3

The feedback I got was to ground my future in a specific place, so I am going to choose Pittsburgh.

  1. Identify benchmark goals for 2050 in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development that are linked to your area of interest.
    “Universal values of respect, tolerance, justice, dignity, empowerment, openness, security, resilience inclusion and fairness begins to spread across the world” – people feel empowered / in control of their lives; people want to help each other
    “Best agriculture technology available worldwide” – to be able to feed everybody
    “Universal primary and secondary education has begun to shift fertility rates to around replacement levels. More women are educated and engaged in economic activities, leading to improved health of women and their children”
    Probably also need something about government subsidies / intervention in economy, healthcare, more on education.
  2. How might intermediate goals and roadblocks by decade affect the domain you are working on?
    “Major global depression” – that would put a lot of people out of jobs, it would affect the lower class hardest.
    There will be difficulty in adapting/changing educational models to fit the changing values of the world. There is already difficulty with funding for education, people being able to afford higher education. Also, with the shift to the knowledge economy, it will be harder to make a living based off of education of basic skills – people will need to learn higher level skills/thinking, which are harder to teach.
    The growing divide between rich and poor also needs to be addressed – where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.





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